Call of Duty Warzone

The One Club - Young Ones Competition

Stephon Jacob (ST), Corey Hambly (CW), Edo Ohayon (CW), Griffin Drew (AD), Houston Knight (V.O)

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The Call of Duty Franchise has had a recent decline. Sales have decreased since COD Modern Warfare 3.

Call of Duty Warzone is a Free Battle Royale game anyone can play.

They recently launched a new map in the game, Caldera, located in Hawaii.


How do we bring Call of Duty Warzone back through mainstream culture?

The 3 Findings

1. Caldera has award-winning food

2. Foodies are open to trying new foods

3. Food delivery service is on the rise

But not everyone drops into Caldera...So let's bring Caldera to the world.


Caldera Kitchen is a week-long restaurant pop-up featuring Call of Duty Warzone meals available through food delivery apps.

In-game placement  

We will use in-game billboards to show players that Caldera now offers food.

Mockup 7.png

Our OOH is located in major cities and is inviting people to try our new Caldera Kitchen

Mockup 8.png
Mockup 3.png
In-game Rewards
Caldera Fry Cook.png

Players will be able to redeem in-game rewards like Caldera cook characters, food skins on guns, and Caldera Kitchen vehicle wraps.

Banana Pistol.png
Food Truck Skin.png
Caldera Food Packaging
Rice Bowl 2.png

When you order our food in real life, all of our packagings resemble Call of Duty Warzone military equipment.

Lanakila Wings.png
Price Burger.png
In-game Coupons

Call of Duty Warzone has contracts in the game that give you rewards. We will offer redeemable coupons to Caldera Kitchen through the contracts.

Food Delivery Partnership
Caldera App.gif

Here is what ordering your food will look like on a food delivery service app. 

Measure Success


  • Call of Duty Warzone Downloads

  • Social media engagement + PR

  • Caldera Kitchen sales

  • Food delivery app downloads


  • Positioning Call of Duty as a video game that shows up in culture

  • Call of Duty video games sales increase for the next game