Live Client - Communication Campaign + App Innovations

Stephon Jacob (ST), John Simons (ST), Kathryn Worrall (CW), and Sean McSherry  (AD), Brooke Beam (XD)

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Pinterest wants people to shop Pinterest this holiday.

1. Pinners on Pinterest discover products to buy then purchase elsewhere.

2. Most people don't realize they can actually shop on Pinterest.

3. Those that do, don't really get why they would want to. 

My Process

1. Through interviews understand how people shop online and in real life.

2. Through a survey discover the "best parts" of Holiday shopping.

3. Study the ins and outs of Pinterest's Platform, and their competitors.

The 3 Findings

1. Shopping in person brings holiday joy.

2. Shopping online forces people to trade joy for convenience.

3. 5th Avenue in New York City sets the standard for holiday shopping. The decor and window shopping experience is amazing.


Change the way people think about online shopping.

Pinterest 1,2,3's

Inspiration, exploration, and organization.

Target Audience
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Consumer Problem

There's pressure to get the holidays right


Get the Early Birds

To shop on Pinterest

By showing them Pinterest brings joy to holiday shopping

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The next brand campaign will help make Pinterest a gift to its users. We think this can really bring some joy, some authentic love, back to holiday shopping, but this idea could also extend to other big shopping times – Valentine's Day, Halloween, back-to-school, Mother’s Day, and so forth. 


We chose to partner with brands that don’t have a retail presence

Shoppers would be able to shop all of the products depicted in the window with the Pinterest Lens, a feature that allows you to shop what you take a picture of.

Our OOH will be placed at malls because many stores went vacant during the pandemic and there will be foot traffic during the holidays.

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During the Holidays Pinterest will open a pop-up store at physical malls.


Everything in-store is available for purchase but only through the Pinterest lense feature.

The store would be a very cozy, peaceful environment – roaring fireplaces, comfy couches, an oasis from the typical mad dash of the holiday mall or Fifth Avenue shopping experience.

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App Innovations

You will see app innovations to the existing app.

People buy from creators they trust.


On Pinterest, we added a Creator Page that highlights the top products that are being featured on the platform by Creators. 



Creator Page

Explore Feed

On the explore page we wanted to spark moments of joy via browsing. 

1. As you scroll there will be stores as window displays.

2. You can get in the Holiday spirit  in the app by clicking and playing Christmas music while scrolling. 

3. You may scroll and stumble across an elf on the shelf. 

4. We also created gift pins that will you give you discounts to your favorite stores. 



Window Shopping Feature

Here is a mock up of the new Window Feature. 

1. On the far left you can click Windows

2. After you click you will get a list of brands with window shops

3. An example of Pottery Barn's Window Shop after clicking into it.


Screen Shot 2022-03-10 at 6.10.13 PM.png

Pottery Barn In-app Shopping Experience

Here is a mock up of a user shopping in-app for Pottery Barn

1. The screenshot on the left is what users will see when they click on "Winter '21 Moden Dream Bedroom".

2. After users click they will get a video, be able to click on any item, and purchase it.


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Pinterest Predicts

Pinterest Predicts → curating special holiday boards 

  • Most popular overall 

  • For you, → based on your searches/pins 

  • Incentive sharing your list on other platforms → Pinterest List giveaway

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Measure Success


  • Pinterest App Downloads

  • Brand Partnership Sales through the app

  • Social engagement 

  • Foot traffic at our pop-up

  • Pinterest revenue through the holidays

  • Pinterest sales compared to last holiday season


  • Creators moving to Pinterest for the creator page

  • People are moving over to Pinterest to buy products for every holiday